Shenandoah Spice Company took root in Toms Brook, Virginia – manufacturing in a small, family operated, sublet space. We hoped and expected that one day our production would outgrow the footprint of our physical space. The Shenandoah Valley is where the heart of our business began, so it was only natural to remain close to home. After searching for the right space, from Staunton to Winchester – and everywhere in between – we found our space in Front Royal. A town that embodies all our values and what led us into our business venture – where the mountains meet the water, and where community, history, and family reign supreme.

Although we did not set out to have a retail store frontage, it came to our attention that being available and accessible to our customers was essential. We try to maintain an open door policy. Our presence is primarily focused on production, but we welcome all our customers whenever we are there. Before you step inside, the aroma of pungent herbs and spices will certainly draw you in. The full line of spice blends, worldly salts, and local meats, along with ever changing specialty food products, can be found in our quaint downtown shop. If you cannot find what you are looking for, just ask. We always do our best to source any herb or spice you are looking for. Bulk spices are also available for order or pick-up in store. (but please call or order ahead to ensure adequate supply)

Don’t be a stranger. You can catch us by chance but during the week there is usually someone around. A mom, a grandparent, a friendly employee or an owner will be there to welcome you. RUB IT IN!